Finding the Right Software and Accounting Programs For a Home Business

Owning a business can be a rewarding and exciting prospect. As you get deeper into the process however, it can start to be to keep up with everything. The good news is that there is software at your disposable that makes the management and accounting aspects a bit easier to handle. With a quality accounting program you will be able to pay your bills, print out invoices, manage inventory, and pay employees all in one place, which is much more convenient than using several programs to achieve these same exact results.A simple web search will reveal a smorgasbord of accounting programs to choose from. A good software program will let you manage invoices, account receivables and payables, inventory, and manage payrolls. Do your own research and choose the product best tailored to your individual needs.Easily among the best accounting programs is Peachtree Complete Accounting from Sage. There are several suites to choose from, including Peachtree Pro, Peachtree First Accounting, Peachtree Quantum, and Peachtree Premium. The most complete program is Peachtree Complete Accounting.The only problem I could find with this program is the setup and configuration. It’s an extremely in-depth program and the beginner may find it a bit overwhelming. As far as support goes, however, Peachtree stands head and shoulders above the competition. Once you figure out the vast array of tools at your disposable, you’ll quickly realize that Peachtree can handle any task you may require; it’s a fantastic one stop program. It will even handle any reformatting or printing tasks, completely doing away with a jumble of unnecessary programs.I need to keep going back to the many features this program provides. It does the work of two or three employees, allowing you to consolidate your payroll expenses. If your business has multiple locations or stores, it will render individual monthly reports and amass them into one comprehensible display.If you aren’t familiar with accounting programs, you may find it beneficial to have a trained Peachtree technician assist you with the initial setup of the program and guide you through the basic tools and features. Don’t let this deter you from trying out a Peachtree product. With time you’ll feel more comfortable with it and fully realize it’s impressive capabilities. You will find that most of the better accounting programs will take time to fully understand, so don’t sweat it. In the end, you will have more time and energy to improve other areas of your business, and leave the accounting to Peachtree Complete Accounting.

Reverse Branding: How Do Customers Create A Brand?

Customers create a brand for entrepreneurs. This is called reverse branding. Reverse branding creates the powerful differentiation that is needed to set a product apart. How reverse branding works is important for marketers to understand this in a social media era. The great asset that social media provides is scale. There are a great many brands, there are a great many entrepreneurs, there are a great many customers. Many customers will choose a product only because of the entrepreneur who created it. This is an important concept in understanding branding in the social media era.The conventional means of branding seems to be that a product is created and it is differentiated from the products in its space. Social media branding is about a brand and its customers creating a friendship, a personal relationship. Because of this brand, this relationship, this friendship, a customer picks a specific product merely because who created this product. Three examples of this are Henry Ford, Steven Jobs, and Matt Damon.People chose the I Phone as the pre-eminent brand in smart phones because Steven Jobs created it. Customers had a brand for Steve Jobs. The brand is that Steve Jobs creates elegantly designed products whose technology is unsurpassed. This reverse branding is critical in understanding the success that the I Phone has had. There were many “smart phones” before the I Phone. Why did the I Phone become the pre-eminent brand in smart phones? It was because Jobs was involved. This is how customers saw the I Phone and Steve Jobs. “The I Phone just has to be the pre-eminent technology in smart phones. Steve Jobs created it didn’t he?” This is how reverse branding works. This is how products are branded with reverse branding. It is a powerful branding force. When done with the right entrepreneur, these types of brands are very hard to compete against.Water is an important food staple in western diets. It is an important staple in the energy drink space. There are many players in this space. How do you create a brand in this space? Actor Matt Damon has a great idea. He is creating a world class brand in water. He is doing this through reverse branding. Customers have a brand for Matt Damon. This brand is going to be hard to defeat in the market place. Matt, in addition to be a successful actor, is a social entrepreneur. He creates products to assist the economies of the third world. He creates products through micro finance. He creates brand through the involvement of entire villages. He creates products that people need and have limited sources to attain. He creates these necessary products by developing jobs in the village. He teaches people how to create jobs. He trains people to support themselves. He also creates products in which his co-investors make a great deal of money. Matt Damon’s brand is that he does good by doing good. He has a track record of success. In his water brand, people think like this, “this must be a good product. Matt Damon’s involved”.The Model T became an historic brand because Detroit had a brand for Henry Ford. The city of Detroit saw Henry Ford in a certain light. Detroit knew Henry Ford to be an ace mechanic. He was a champion race car driver. Detroit also saw Henry Ford “as one of them”. A working man, like themselves, who knew how to create a car for the masses. Henry came from their neighborhood, they worked with him in their machine shops. His Model T, in 1908, just had to be a great car because Henry created it. This is the brand that 1908 Detroit had for Henry and his car. This is how the Model T became the most successful brand in American history. Customers branded the car.A social media brand is a two-way street. Social media branding is when both a product and the market engage one another. A marketer brands a product. By the same token, the customer brands the product. How a customer brands a product has a great influence over whether or not the brand will be successful.Dean [email protected]

Why Opt For Online Education?

Living in this world of internet and technology, one cannot neglect the importance and growth of online education. At this moment when we are moving away from traditional classrooms towards virtual classrooms, many people still argue that whether online education is a curse or a blessing. In fact despite a few small drawbacks, online learning has proved to be a great help to the people who are seeking to learn and study online. It has proven to be a move forward for many.We see more and more people taking interest in online education today. The enrollment in online course is at an all time high. A recent study has shown that there are more than 4.7 million students who are enrolled in various online schools and universities. And the best part is that these figures are increasing by 30% every year. So the numbers are going to be massive in come few years.The biggest reason behind opting for an online classroom is that with this type of environment you can study from anywhere and at any time. In the case of online education, as the name suggests you earn a degree by studying online in virtual classrooms. It is an ideal choice for those students who have trouble attending a conventional classroom. The reasons might include some kind of disability or a busy daily work schedule. Or you might be a shy person who might not be very comfortable in studying in a normal on-campus class. In all the above scenarios, online learning is the perfect alternative.Many times students complain about not getting equal concentration from the teachers. Online education is centered on students and a student can himself formulate a way of learning that is more suitable for him. Students have 24/7 access to the course material and they can study it whenever they want to.Attending cyber classrooms on internet is a very easy process and would produce students who would be not only fully acquainted with this study material but would also be completely tech savvy. The students and the teachers would be more interconnected with each other in this form learning.Students would also have quick access to online libraries and vast learning material that is present on internet. These resources might not be able to those students who study in traditional classes. Online learning environment also supports team learning and student cooperation. Due to the fact that there are no geographical barriers in this form of learning that is why the course material is diverse.Although the traditional classroom approach is still important and here to stay, it is also a fact that the scope of online education is only bound to grow. The reasons for this phenomenon can be numerous. It can be because of the flexibly of this type of education or it can because of the improving quality of the education. These are just two of the most important factors that are contributing towards the success of online learning phenomenon. So if you are also interested in studying further then online schooling can be a great alternative for you.

Friendster – Paving The Way for Today’s Social Networks

Friendster was one of the first social networking sites to have been formed. It was founded in California by computer programmers Jonathan Abrams & Cris Emmanuel in 2002. Currently, the Friendster head offices are based in Australia.Since forming Friendster, Jonathan Abrams and has started another website, called Socializr. This network allows users to invite others to events, to plan events online, to see what each other are up to, which events, parties & social gatherings they are attending etc. Keeping with the social aspect of life, Abrams also opened up a popular bar in San Francisco named Slide.Friendster experienced popularity early into it’s inception; approximately 1 year after it was launched, Friendster had over 3 million users. In 2009, it was reported to have reached 115 million users.Friendster followed the approach that Sixdegrees took with the concept of “six degrees of separation”. Friendster simplified the concept into something which was eventually dubbed the “Circle of Friends”. The Circle of Friends displayed the intricate pathways which connected 2 different people online. Friendster emphasized the fact that genuine friendships could be established between people on social networks and that there were many ways to form such bonds online.Abrams described Friendster as a “dating site that isn’t about dating”. Many people used Friendster as a way to meet new people online, to form new friendships, as well as an online dating platform. Friendster certainly did not mirror many of the seedy dating sites available at the time, but rather focused on giving their members an opportunity to meet others in such a way that they could form deeper, more meaningful relationships with each other online.Friendster still offers their members many ways in which to connect with their long-lost friends & family, old schoolmates & business colleagues. When Friendster first entered the online social scene, it offered services which were very similar to other social networking sites, such as email and blogging. The ability to interact with each other on the basis of shared hobbies & interests, as well as the posting of video & music was not anything new. However, Friendster differentiated itself by providing services which were of a higher quality than other social networking sites, as well giving their users a safe, spam free experience.In 2006, Friendster was given the patent of the year award, for their method of calculating & displaying relationships within an online social network. In fact, Friendster has held many online social networking patents which have opened the way for many other similar sites.Just in August 2010, Facebook confirmed that it had acquired 18 of Friendster’s patents. Some of these patents include:System, method and apparatus for connecting users in an online computer
Method of Inducing Content Uploads in a Social Network
System and Method for Managing Connections in an Online Social Network
Compatibility Scoring of Users in a Social Network
Method for sharing relationship information stored in a social networkDespite it’s early success Friendster did not maintain it’s popularity & failed to achieve the kind of success that Facebook has enjoyed. The following reasons could be attributed to this:Users frequently complained of site load time delays & outages while being on the site
Users also found that there was little to keep them entertained while using Friendster. Once a user had built a personal profile & social network, there was not much else to do on Friendster except keep inviting others to join Friendster.
Due to technical difficulties with the site, as well as bad management decisions, Friendster lost much of it’s North American support, but remains popular in Asia & the Philippines.
In 2003, Google made an offer to buy Friendster, however, Friendster declined this offer. Today, many consider this decision as one of Friendsters biggest financial mistakes. Friendster then borrowed money from investors & is currently still running at a loss.
2 years after it’s birth, Friendster was overshadowed by startups like Facebook & MySpace.
Given the fact that users were tired of the site’s technical difficulties, as well as it’s ability to entertain, Friendster users were only too ready to try alternative social networking platforms.Friendster has certainly not achieved support in the same way that Facebook has, however, it certainly has kept it’s head above water. Friendster has received numerous awards, the latest being a recognition by Lead411 as one of Silicon Valley’s hottest companies. Friendster is still widely used in Asia & is one of the most popular social networks in the Philippines.Friendster broke new ground for online social networking and it is from this site that MySpace, LinkedIn & Facebook derived most of their inspiration.

Education for All

It is a sad fact that in this highly advanced society of unbelievable modernity in lifestyle and technology, Education as a basic human right is not available to all the people of the world.Like all other human rights, education is universal and it is an entitlement everyone can expect no matter what economic status, ethnicity, gender or religion they belong to. Education leads the way to the exercise of most other human rights by promoting empowerment of individuals, freedom of expression and provides important benefits in all spheres. Yet, it is an increasingly worrying factor that millions of children and adults globally are devoid of basic opportunities to study, mostly as a result of impoverishment and weak economies.World bodies such as the United Nations and UNESCO have formatted legal obligations concerning the right to education for every individual. These legal instruments provide the pathway for every individual to receive access to good education without discrimination. They recognize education as a most powerful tool that can help children and adults become economically and socially empowered and help them lead more fulfilled lives.The statistics are staggering. Nearly 93 million children all over the world remained out of school, as on 2006; nearly 80% of this number lives in Africa and in poorer regions in South Asia.The Education for All (EFA) initiative, formed in the early 1990s involves a broad group of governments, developmental agencies and NGOs who have endorsed commitment to “six primary goals” that will enable education to reach ‘every citizen in every society’.However, since the initiative came about, the underlying realization also set in that these goals cannot be achieved by merely providing access to education; duration and quality of education at primary and secondary levels are extremely important factors. The guiding force of human rights values and ethics must provide a backdrop in classrooms to ensure that children who enroll in primary school complete their schooling.The agenda laid down by the EFA went under the assumption that public policy enactment can help to transform education systems radically provided governments and political resources enact policies for implementation emphasizing capacity and quality development of literacy.By 2000, the expected targets were far from met. The World Education Forum attended by 165 countries in Dakar, Senegal proposed the Dakar Framework for Action affirming the goals of the EFA for providing quality education to all by the year 2015; particular emphasis for educating and developing the girl child received special attention. In reaffirmation, two goals proposed by the EFA – universal primary education, empowering women and promoting gender equality were included in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).The UNICEF is one of the five conveners of the EFA and a key contributor in achieving the goals; its responsibility covers early childhood care, education in emergency situations and providing policy and tech support.Indeed, achieving the goals for providing Education for All requires sustained and committed global response and involvement by civil society, development agencies, NGOs media and world governments to help every child irrespective of caste, color and creed achieve and realize the right to a quality education.

S&P 500 Rallies As U.S. Dollar Pulls Back Towards Weekly Lows

Key Insights
The strong pullback in the U.S. dollar provided significant support to stocks.
Treasury yields have pulled back after touching new highs, which served as an additional positive catalyst for S&P 500.
A move above 3730 will push S&P 500 towards the resistance level at 3760.

Pfizer Rallies After Announcing A Huge Price Hike For Its COVID-19 Vaccines
S&P 500 is currently trying to settle above 3730 as traders’ appetite for risk is growing. The U.S. dollar has recently gained strong downside momentum as the BoJ intervened to stop the rally in USD/JPY. Weaker U.S. dollar is bullish for stocks as it increases profits of multinational companies and makes U.S. equities cheaper for foreign investors.

The leading oil services company Schlumberger is up by 9% after beating analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue. Schlumberger’s peers Baker Hughes and Halliburton have also enjoyed strong support today.

Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna gained strong upside momentum after Pfizer announced that it will raise the price of its coronavirus vaccine to $110 – $130 per shot.

Biggest losers today include Verizon and Twitter. Verizon is down by 5% despite beating analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue. Subscriber numbers missed estimates, and traders pushed the stock to multi-year lows.

Twitter stock moved towards the $50 level as the U.S. may conduct a security review of Musk’s purchase of the company.

From a big picture point of view, today’s rebound is broad, and most market segments are moving higher. Treasury yields have started to move lower after testing new highs, providing additional support to S&P 500. It looks that some traders are ready to bet that Fed will be less hawkish than previously expected.

S&P 500 Tests Resistance At 3730

S&P 500 has recently managed to get above the 20 EMA and is trying to settle above the resistance at 3730. RSI is in the moderate territory, and there is plenty of room to gain additional upside momentum in case the right catalysts emerge.

If S&P 500 manages to settle above 3730, it will head towards the next resistance level at 3760. A successful test of this level will push S&P 500 towards the next resistance at October highs at 3805. The 50 EMA is located in the nearby, so S&P 500 will likely face strong resistance above the 3800 level.

On the support side, the previous resistance at 3700 will likely serve as the first support level for S&P 500. In case S&P 500 declines below this level, it will move towards the next support level at 3675. A move below 3675 will push S&P 500 towards the support at 3640.

SPDN: An Inexpensive Way To Profit When The S&P 500 Falls

SPDN is not the largest or oldest way to short the S&P 500, but it’s a solid choice.
This ETF uses a variety of financial instruments to target a return opposite that of the S&P 500 Index.
SPDN’s 0.49% Expense Ratio is nearly half that of the larger, longer-tenured -1x Inverse S&P 500 ETF.
Details aside, the potential continuation of the equity bear market makes single-inverse ETFs an investment segment investor should be familiar with.
We rate SPDN a Strong Buy because we believe the risks of a continued bear market greatly outweigh the possibility of a quick return to a bull market.
Put a gear stick into R position, (Reverse).

By Rob Isbitts

The S&P 500 is in a bear market, and we don’t see a quick-fix. Many investors assume the only way to navigate a potentially long-term bear market is to hide in cash, day-trade or “just hang in there” while the bear takes their retirement nest egg.

The Direxion Daily S&P 500® Bear 1X ETF (NYSEARCA:SPDN) is one of a class of single-inverse ETFs that allow investors to profit from down moves in the stock market.

SPDN is an unleveraged, liquid, low-cost way to either try to hedge an equity portfolio, profit from a decline in the S&P 500, or both. We rate it a Strong Buy, given our concern about the intermediate-term outlook for the global equity market.

SPDN keeps it simple. If the S&P 500 goes up by X%, it should go down by X%. The opposite is also expected.

Proprietary ETF Grades
Offense/Defense: Defense

Segment: Inverse Equity

Sub-Segment: Inverse S&P 500

Correlation (vs. S&P 500): Very High (inverse)

Expected Volatility (vs. S&P 500): Similar (but opposite)

Holding Analysis
SPDN does not rely on shorting individual stocks in the S&P 500. Instead, the managers typically use a combination of futures, swaps and other derivative instruments to create a portfolio that consistently aims to deliver the opposite of what the S&P 500 does.

SPDN is a fairly “no-frills” way to do what many investors probably wished they could do during the first 9 months of 2022 and in past bear markets: find something that goes up when the “market” goes down. After all, bonds are not the answer they used to be, commodities like gold have, shall we say, lost their luster. And moving to cash creates the issue of making two correct timing decisions, when to get in and when to get out. SPDN and its single-inverse ETF brethren offer a liquid tool to use in a variety of ways, depending on what a particular investor wants to achieve.

The weakness of any inverse ETF is that it does the opposite of what the market does, when the market goes up. So, even in bear markets when the broader market trend is down, sharp bear market rallies (or any rallies for that matter) in the S&P 500 will cause SPDN to drop as much as the market goes up.

While inverse ETFs have a reputation in some circles as nothing more than day-trading vehicles, our own experience with them is, pardon the pun, exactly the opposite! We encourage investors to try to better-understand single inverse ETFs like SPDN. While traders tend to gravitate to leveraged inverse ETFs (which actually are day-trading tools), we believe that in an extended bear market, SPDN and its ilk could be a game-saver for many portfolios.

SPDN and most other single inverse ETFs are vulnerable to a sustained rise in the price of the index it aims to deliver the inverse of. But that threat of loss in a rising market means that when an investor considers SPDN, they should also have a game plan for how and when they will deploy this unique portfolio weapon.

Proprietary Technical Ratings
Short-Term Rating (next 3 months): Strong Buy

Long-Term Rating (next 12 months): Buy

ETF Quality Opinion
SPDN does what it aims to do, and has done so for over 6 years now. For a while, it was largely-ignored, given the existence of a similar ETF that has been around much longer. But the more tenured SPDN has become, the more attractive it looks as an alternative.

ETF Investment Opinion

SPDN is rated Strong Buy because the S&P 500 continues to look as vulnerable to further decline. And, while the market bottomed in mid-June, rallied, then waffled since that time, our proprietary macro market indicators all point to much greater risk of a major decline from this level than a fast return to bull market glory. Thus, SPDN is at best a way to exploit and attack the bear, and at worst a hedge on an otherwise equity-laden portfolio.

S&P 500 Biotech Giant Vertex Leads 5 Stocks Showing Strength

Your stocks to watch for the week ahead are Cheniere Energy (LNG), S&P 500 biotech giant Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX), Cardinal Health (CAH), Steel Dynamics (STLD) and Genuine Parts (GPC).

While the market remains in correction, with analysts and investors wary of an economic downturn, these five stocks are worth adding to watchlists. S&P 500 medical giants Vertex and Cardinal Health have been holding up, as health-care related plays tend to do well in down markets.

Steel Dynamics and Genuine Parts are both coming off strong earnings as both the steel and auto parts industries report optimistic outlooks. Meanwhile, Cheniere Energy saw sales boom in the second quarter as demand in Europe for natural gas continues to grow.

Major indexes have been making rally attempts with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 testing weekly support on Friday. With market uncertainty, investors should be ready for follow-through day breakouts and keep an eye on these stocks.

Cheniere Energy, Cardinal Health and VRTX stock are all on IBD Leaderboard.

Cheniere Energy Stock
LNG shares rose 1.1% to 175.79 during Friday’s market trading. On the week, the stock advanced 3.1%, not from highs, bouncing from its 21-day and 10-week lines earlier in the week.

Cheniere Energy has been consolidating since mid-September, but needs another week to forge a proper base, with a potential 182.72 buy point formed on Aug. 10.

Houston-based Cheniere Energy was IBD Stock Of The Day on Thursday, as the largest U.S. producer of liquefied natural gas eyes strong demand in Europe.

Even though natural gas prices are plunging in the U.S. and Europe, investors still see strong LNG demand for Cheniere and others.

The U.K. government confirmed last week that it is in talks for an LNG purchase agreement with a number of companies, including Cheniere.

In the first half of 2021, less than 40% of Cheniere’s cargoes of LNG landed in Europe. That jumped to more than 70% through this year’s second quarter, even as the company ramped up new export capacity. The urgency of Europe’s natural gas shortage only intensified last month. That is when an explosion disabled the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia that had once supplied 40% of the European Union’s natural gas.

In Q2, sales increased 165% to $8 billion and LNG earned $2.90 per share, up from a net loss of $1.30 per share in Q2 2021. The company will report Q3 earnings Nov. 3, with investors seeing booming profits for the next few quarters.

Cheniere Energy has a Composite Rating of 84. It has a 98 Relative Strength Rating, an exclusive IBD Stock Checkup gauge for share price movement with a 1 to 99 score. The rating shows how a stock’s performance over the last 52 weeks holds up against all the other stocks in IBD’s database. The EPS rating is 41.

Vertex Stock
VRTX stock jumped 3.4% to 300 on Friday, rebounding from a test of its 50-day moving average. Shares climbed 2.2% for the week. Vertex stock has formed a tight flat base with an official buy point of 306.05, according to MarketSmith analysis.

The stock has remained consistent over recent weeks, while the relative strength line has trended higher. The RS line tracks a stock’s performance vs. the S&P 500 index.

Vertex Q3 earnings are on due Oct. 27. Analysts see EPS edging up 1% to $3.61 per share with sales increasing 16% to $2.2 billion, according to FactSet.

The Boston-based global biotech company dominates the cystic fibrosis treatment market. Vertex also has other products in late-stage clinical development that target sickle cell disease, Type 1 diabetes and certain genetically caused kidney diseases. That includes a gene-editing partnership with Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP).

In early August, Vertex reported better-than-expected second-quarter results and raised full-year sales targets.

S&P 500 stock Vertex ranks second in the Medical-Biomed/Biotech industry group. VRTX has a 99 Composite Rating. Its Relative Strength Rating is 94 and its EPS Rating is 99.

CRISPR Stocks: Will Concerns Over Risk Inhibit Gene-Editing Cures?

Cardinal Health Stock
CAH stock advanced 3.2% to 73.03 Friday, clearing a 71.22 buy point from a shallow cup-with-handle base and hitting a record high. But volume was light on the breakout. CAH stock leapt 7.3% for the week.

Cardinal Health stock’s relative strength line has also been trending up for months.

The cup-with-handle base is part of a base-on-base pattern, forming just above a cup base cleared on Aug. 11.

Cardinal Health, based in Dublin, Ohio, offers a wide assortment of health care services and medical supplies to hospitals, labs, pharmacies and long-term care facilities. The company reports that it serves around 90% of hospitals and 60,000 pharmacies in the U.S.

S&P 500 stock Cardinal Health will report Q1 2023 earnings on Nov. 4. Analysts forecast earnings falling 26% to 96 cents per share. Sales are expected to increase 10% to $48.3 billion, according to FactSet.

Cardinal Health stock ranks first in the Medical-Wholesale Drug/Supplies industry group, ahead of McKesson (MCK), which is also showing positive action. CAH stock has a 94 Composite Rating out of 99. It has a 97 Relative Strength Rating and an EPS rating of 73.

Steel Dynamics Stock
STLD shares shot up 8.5% to 92.92 on Friday and soared 19% on the week, coming off a Steel Dynamics earnings beat Wednesday night.

Shares blasted above an 88.72 consolidation buy point Friday after clearing a trendline Thursday. STLD stock is 17% above its 50-day line, definitely extended from that key average.

Steel Dynamics’ latest consolidation could be seen as part of a larger base going back six months.

Steel Dynamics topped Q3 earnings views with EPS rising 10% to $5.46 while revenue grew 11% to $5.65 billion. The steel producer’s outlook is optimistic despite weaker flat rolled steel pricing. STLD reports its order activity and backlogs remain solid.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana-based company is among the largest producers of carbon steel products in the U.S. It engages in metal recycling operations along with steel fabrication and produces myriad steel products.

How Millett Grew Steel Dynamics From A Three Employee Business

STLD stock ranks first in the Steel-Producers industry group. STLD stock has a 96 Composite Rating out of 99. It has a 90 Relative Strength Rating, an exclusive IBD Stock Checkup gauge for share-price movement that tops at 99. The rating shows how a stock’s performance over the last 52 weeks holds up against all the other stocks in IBD’s database. The EPS rating is 98.

Genuine Parts Stock
GPC stock gained 2.8% to 162.35 Friday after the company topped earnings views with its Q3 results on Thursday. For the week GPC advanced 5.1% as the stock held its 50-day line and is in a flat base.

GPC has an official 165.09 flat-base buy point after a three-week rally, according to MarketSmith analysis.

The relative strength line for Genuine Parts stock has rallied sharply to highs over the past several months.

On Thursday, the Atlanta-based auto parts company raised its full-year guidance on growth across its automotive and industrial sales.

Genuine Parts earnings per share advanced 19% to $2.23 and revenue grew 18% to $5.675 billion in Q3. GPC’s full-year guidance is now calling for EPS of $8.05-$8.15, up from $7.80-$7.95. The company now forecasts revenue growth of 15%-16%, up from the earlier 12%-14%.

During the Covid pandemic, supply chain constraints caused a major upheaval in the auto industry, sending prices for new and used cars to record levels. This has made consumers more likely to hang on to their existing vehicles for longer, driving mileage higher and boosting demand for auto replacement parts.

Fellow auto stocks O’Reilly Auto Parts (ORLY) and AutoZone (AZO) have also rallied near buy points amid the struggling market. O’Reilly reports on Oct. 26.

IBD ranks Genuine Parts first in the Retail/Wholesale-Auto Parts industry group. GPC stock has a 96 Composite Rating. Its Relative Strength Rating is 94 and it has an EPS Rating of 89.

Shoe Repairs And Several Other Things When I Was 7

Shoe Repairs And Several Other Things When I Was 7
My Dad repaired most of our shoes believe it or not, I can hardly believe it myself now. With 7 pairs of shoes always needing repairs I think he was quite clever to learn how to “Keep us in shoe Leather” to coin a phrase!

He bought several different sizes of cast iron cobbler’s “lasts”. Last, the old English “Laest” meaning footprint. Lasts were holding devices shaped like a human foot. I have no idea where he would have bought the shoe leather. Only that it was a beautiful creamy, shiny colour and the smell was lovely.

But I do remember our shoes turned upside down on and fitted into these lasts, my Dad cutting the leather around the shape of the shoe, and then hammering nails, into the leather shape. Sometimes we’d feel one or 2 of those nails poking through the insides of our shoes, but our dad always fixed it.

Hiking and Swimming Galas
Dad was a very outdoorsy type, unlike my mother, who was probably too busy indoors. She also enjoyed the peace and quiet when he took us off for the day!

Anyway, he often took us hiking in the mountains where we’d have a picnic of sandwiches and flasks of tea. And more often than not we went by steam train.

We loved poking our heads out of the window until our eyes hurt like mad from a blast of soot blowing back from the engine. But sore, bloodshot eyes never dampened our enthusiasm.

Dad was an avid swimmer and water polo player, and he used to take us to swimming galas, as they were called back then. He often took part in these galas. And again we always travelled by steam train.

Rowing Over To Ireland’s Eye
That’s what we did back then, we had to go by rowboat, the only way to get to Ireland’s eye, which is 15 minutes from mainland Howth. From there we could see Malahide, Lambay Island and Howth Head of course. These days you can take a Round Trip Cruise on a small cruise ship!

But we thoroughly enjoyed rowing and once there we couldn’t wait to climb the rocks, and have a swim. We picnicked and watched the friendly seals doing their thing and showing off.

Not to mention all kinds of birdlife including the Puffin.The Martello Tower was also interesting but a bit dangerous to attempt entering. I’m getting lost in the past as I write, and have to drag myself back to the present.

Fun Outings with The camera Club
Dad was also a very keen amateur photographer, and was a member of a camera Club. There were many Sunday photography outings and along with us came other kids of the members of the club.

And we always had great fun while the adults busied themselves taking photos of everything and anything, it seemed to us. Dad was so serious about his photography that he set up a dark room where he developed and printed his photographs.

All black and white at the time. He and his camera club entered many of their favourites in exhibitions throughout Europe. I’m quite proud to say that many cups and medals were won by Dad. They have been shared amongst all his grandchildren which I find quite special.

He liked taking portraits of us kids too, mostly when we were in a state of untidiness, usually during play. Dad always preferred the natural look of messy hair and clothes in the photos of his children.

US Markets in green on Friday; Dow 30 up over 345 points, Nasdaq Composite, S&P 500 up nearly 1%

US Markets were trading in the green on Friday with Dow 30 trading at 30,678.80, up by 1.14%. While S&P 500 was trading at 3,701.66, up by 0.98% and Nasdaq Composite 10,690.60 was also up by 0.71 per cent

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US Markets in green on Friday; Dow 30 up over 345 points, Nasdaq Composite, S&P 500 up nearly 1%
Earlier today, Indian stock markets ended the week on a winning note. It was the sixth straight gains for equity markets. Source: Reuters
US Markets were trading in the green on Friday with Dow 30 trading at 30,678.80, up by 345.25 points or1.14 per cent. While S&P 500 was trading at 3,701.66, up by 35.88 points or 0.98 per cent and Nasdaq Composite 10,690.60 was also up 75.75 points or 0.71 per cent. A Reuters report said that today’s strength was on the back of a report which said the Federal Reserve will likely debate on signaling plans for a smaller interest rate hike in December, reversing declines set off by social media firms after Snap Inc’s ad warning.

Source: Comex

Nasdaq Top Gainers and Losers

Source: Nasdaq

Earlier today, Indian stock markets ended the week on a winning note. It was the sixth straight gains for equity markets. The BSE Sensex ended at 59,307.15, up by 104.25 points or 0.18 per cent from the Thursday closing level. Meanwhile, the Nifty50 index closed at 17,590.00, higher by 26.05 points or 0.15 per cent. In the 30-share Sensex, 13 stocks gained while the remaining 17 ended on the losing side. In the 50-stock Nifty50, 21 stocks advanced while 29 declined.